Friday, June 24, 2005


I hate diamonds. They disgust me. "Only her eyes will sparkle more." Barf puke puke. It's a fucking rock that's not even uncommon; it just takes immoral behavior like terrorism to obtain the stupid things from deep mines. Buy a fucking cubic or austrian crystal! They look the same, unless you're gonna look at your ring under a microscope all the time. Save the children in Sudan some of their parents...maybe they don't have to be orphans after all. God this society sickens me. BUY BUY CONSUME CONSUME SLEEP SLEEP MARRY REPRODUCE...wait, I'm now reciting John Carpenter's "They Live". Good movie. Gluttony comes in different forms--not all of which are obesity. Fucking rich fucks with their fur coats and their "get a job you lazy bum" when they're not even working. Goddamn President with an IQ at most half of mine and the average American's...not that that's saying much. PEAK OIL. It's gonna happen, there's gonna be a severe depression created by an energy famine, and it's happening within the next couple years. No one knows about it. All this Government cares about is its own profits, keeping its dwindeling petroleum, lying to the American public. Man, if the media only covered a quarter of what is really going on. Election fraud. The Downing Street memo. PNAC--oh yeah, that one would be popular with the American people. Cover-ups and silences and complete media blackouts about global warming and environmental issues. These people aren't even human beings. I'm done for now.


Ashley said...

I'm really relieved to hear you care.... Please go to this site and sign!!

I really appriecaite it..


Kingofspadesha said...

Capitalism has always sickened me.
Just take a look at holidays. It's the second week of November and Christmas candy already litters the shelves of stores.
I had to ask a clerk if it was still November just to be sure I didn't miss Thanksgiving.

I await the energy shortage. I am all set to take off into the woods and live on hunting, fishing and trapping for the rest of my existence...
and I would love it.

forrest evans said...

looking in the heart
i see all of humanity
huddling in a corner,
with only a crumb to eat
outside the cave, a paradise
of permacultured fruits and vegetables
solar houses, hydrogen powered vehicles
recycled cities, you get the picture-
why are huddled in the cave,bemoaning our existence?
we fear, we feel ourselves to be separate
we fear, we have not felt love
to the marrow of our own souls
we have internalized judgement
we believe ourselves victims in a scary world

that world is us
we are an eyeblink from a beautiful world
that is nothing
nothing but love

my travails, your travails, humanity's travails
are enough to make one throw up
enough to make me cry

so how is it that sometimes
i find my self

Because the joy creeps in
and i see, i feel
how i sit in the garden
as if i were in a garbage dump

and i have lost the capacity to make sense

only one breath

only one moment of

feeling my kinship with


forrest evans said...

read a brilliant article about money in September's issue of Ode.