Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Human Experience (from my book, Voice of the Ages)

Ereshkigal is the protagonist for a book I'm writing. She's several thousand years old, from the Paleolithic Era.

The human experience is fluid, not static. We move through time like water flows through a river. Though many individuals may be stubborn and try to stick to "traditional ways of life" (whatever those may be), humans as a whole are highly adaptive. I have had to constantly change myself and my mind, as I adapted to my surroundings through the ages. I've had a few theories, learned several things, many of which I've had to rethink and relearn after a while. This adaptive behavior is sometimes known as being "open-minded." An individual sho is capable of living for centuries must be open-minded in order to survive.

One might expect me, a creature from a more "primative" era, to be somewhat of a primitivist, in the sense that human beings must return to their primative, tribal roots, no matter what the cost.While I agree that the society in which I was born had many advantages, I do not believe we can replicate that society completely. I think the steps we would have to take as a global community to create such a "primative" society would, at least initially, cause more human suffering, not less.

If the purpose is to simply reduce our impact on the environment by suddenly and dramatically reducing our population, then the means we use to get to that end are highly counter-productive. For, even in smaller numbers, it is dangerous to have a society that believes it does not hurt the environment to hurt other human beings. And the way to choose which human beings live and which ones die would likely result in having a higher concentration of wealth, and erradicating the poor.

This would amplify our problem, as opposed to erasing it. Contrary to what some believe, the wealthy are not the most adaptive individuals of our race; many are some of the most self-destructive, disconnected people in the world. To manipulate the world so that you get everything you want is a highly destructive form of cultural evolution, that has resulted in the very resource shortages that have threatened our species.

A common misconception among people, including some scientists, is that evolution means bettering yourself, or becoming more enlightened. In truth, evolution is simply change through adaptation. It is neither good nor bad; just change. The "me for myself" philosophy may have once been an adaptive reaction that people used to survive hard times. Its continuation, however, in a resource-rich world where the wealthy grow wealthier and the poor become more destitute, is no longer an adaptation so much as a habit, or cycle.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ode to Humanity

This race, which creates such beautiful music, such beautiful dreams, that ponders such deep philosophies, that colors the world with such magnificent cultures, such radiant spiritual insight; and this race, that destroys itself, inflicts such devastation and chaos, that hates with such passionate rage; the love that I feel for this race cannot be surpassed by any other love.

I see that soon is the turning point for this race; soon is the destruction of the old and the creation of the new; soon is the coming revolution and the end of Kali Yuga, the dark age. Soon this race will have to face its own brilliance and weep out its final tears of hatred; soon we will embrace without fear that we are a once missing link to the chain and cycle of creation; the true existence, which is far beyond good and evil; soon we will embrace that we are God, and that the Supreme Being that we have fought for and killed for and searched for and sacrificed for has been inside of us all along.

Such is the wonder of this race.

(Note: This is the beginning of the prologue to one of my books.)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

You Hate the Military. So You Bash the People who were Recruited. Brilliant.

This is actually a quote from someone who believes that the Bush Administration was behind 9/11, and decides to blame those not in power for the war on Iraq.

"The 'enemy' insurgents of Iraq, Fighting for their rights, Sacrificing their lives daily, not because they can but because they WANT too. and because they are doing it for their country. Those are the people i respect.
That is TRUE patriotism.
Not the lazyfuck american shithead who couldnt get a job so he joined the army and got shipped over to iraq to fight a war he has no clue about. Fuck Him.
I'm happy a worthless shithead like that would die."

I believe that the US government was behind 9/11. I am opposed to war with Iraq, etc. But insulting people in the military?

I am a pacifist, so I oppose any type of military.

The "lazy American shithead who couldn't get a job so he joined the army" is one of the high percentage of poor people in the US; a lot of them wanted to go to college, and the army promises scholarship money. LAZY?! Couldn't get a job so he joined the military? What on god's green earth makes you think that that's lazy?

So anyone who grows up without the privilege of being a middle-class snob is a lazy shithead if they do ANYTHING to help themselves besides get a shit job at MacDonald's. Jesus Christ. Are you one of those Randian Libertarians who believes that poor people are all lazy fucks who just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps? Wow, so that explains why so many minorities are poor and join the military. Cause minorities are lazier than the rest of us.

The truth is:

Military recruits come from poor areas.

"Students who experienced recruitment harassment were predominately lower-income and/or minority students."

The military is a form of economic discrimination, sometimes called economic conscription or an economic draft, that forces lower income people into the military.

" During the Gulf War, over 50% of front-line troops were people of color. Overall, more than 30% of enlisted personnel are people of color while only 12% of officers are. GIs of color are disciplined and discharged under less than honorable conditions at a much higher rate than whites. When recent studies showed a slight dip in young African-Americans’ interest in the military (which was already disproportionately high), the Pentagon reacted with a new ad campaign. They’re now using special Spanish-language ads to target Latino youth, sending fancy recruitment vehicles into lower-income and minority communities, and advertising using hip-hop. The recruiters’ lethal result: tracking high-achieving young people in communities of color into a dead-end, deadly occupation."

Hey, good thing for the military, really. It weeds out all the pathetic poor of this country. Social Darwinism all the way!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Disappearance of the Universe Part II

"The nonsensical tragedy of duality is considered to be normal by all modern societies, which are themselves mad as a hatter."

Ooohh, this one really gets to me. Today, your feminists are always trying to build up the greatness of women.

I wasn't positive that the story wasn't true until the second I read that sentence. If truly wise ascended masters had come to earth to speak to someone, they would never had said that, because they would know everything, and know that was a load of bullshit! "Build up the greatness of women?!" You mean, try to give women equal rights to men? Oh yeah, we must really think we're important if we think we're equal to men. Basically, the author is speaking of Feminist Seperatism and generalizing it as "feminism," which is a grave mistake made by almost all non-feminists, and even some feminists.
He calls feminism "replacing one mistake with another". He assumes that feminists want to do exactly what men are doing (by oppressing everyone else). What a "male" thing to think. This "duality" that he so strongly condemns is showing up everywhere through his distortion of facts. If men aren't oppressing women, then it has to be the other way around. If not black, then white.
He then goes on to laugh at some women for referring to god as a "she", meanwhile, throughout the entire book, he refers to god as a "he", even though he acknowledges that god really has no gender! He has every right to pick a masculine pronoun, as we have to pick a feminine one.