Friday, August 26, 2005

Abortion Just Isn't the Big Issue

For god's sake, when will we wake up and start protecting the children we already have instead of the unborn children we don't yet have?!!!!

Well, I agree that not all aborted babies are a bunch of cells; some even become fetuses. But many are a bunch of cells. If the condom breaks and I become pregnant, sorry, bye-bye. I'm not destroying my college career and chance at life and my relationship with my boyfriend to have a baby. Once it's actually a baby, then yes, you can put it up for adoption. But I think there are millions of other things that this nation should focus on and take responsibility for. And it's not our business to impose our "morals" upon other women, when god knows what they're really going through! Giving birth is an exhausting, life-changing, and sometimes dangerous event. If you believe that every baby is wanted, then if you are accidentally pregnant, you have that baby, I have no problem with that and I applaud you for your bravery. But making laws that prevent women from living their lives the way they see fit is not okay in my eyes.

MANY abortions are from 1) Incest and rape survivors and 2) poor people and minorities. It does not reflect irresponsibility on the mother's part. It reflects how horribly messed up our society is, and pregnancy prevention is where you'll find solutions, not forcing a woman to go through with a pregnancy.

If you are concerned with "unwanted" babies, then look into adoption or helping out children who have already come into this world. This nation is so obsessed with preventing the death of an unborn fetus or embryo, but doesn't give a damn about the children already in this world.

Note: I wrote this in response to a woman's email to me that I had to be responsible for my own actions if I were to ever get pregnant. "Responsibility," meaning to her, have an unwanted child.