Friday, August 10, 2007

Tell it like it is!

The people who will make a positive difference in this world are intuitive, innovative and care about this world. They do not dismiss compassion and optimism as "bleeding-heart idealism." They are aware of their faults; of their prejudices, hypocrisies, and fears. And they try very hard to be less hypocritical and prejudiced, while acknowledging that some of those faults will always exist.

The most important thing is to admit that we're human. Then we must step back and think about what it means to be human. It means we are capable of terrible horrors and great wonders; of infinite stupidity and astonishing brilliance; of hideous distruction and breathtaking beauty. Take into account that we make up the grey areas of every spectrum, and we will understand this: reality is not merely dualism, but also what is in between each pair of extremes. We can no longer simply label each other as "evil," "good," "patriotic," and "terrorists." Or we will lose sense of ourselves, and our kinship with each other.

And one last value, after that bout of incessant babbling: Brevity is the soul of wit.